This Year in Astronomy 2013


Here is a summary of astronomy news and events from the year 2013 …

This Year in


Voyager First Human Made Object Embarks on Historic Journey into Interstellar Space and Captures Sounds of Interstellar Space  and

Higgs Boson Physicists Get The Nobel Prize in Physics 2013; François Englert and Peter Higgs

India Shoots for Mars

Comet ISON is Confirmed Dead after Brush with Sun

Planet Hunting Telescope Kepler is Dead

The Fast Winds of Venus are Getting Faster

NASA Releases Images of Earth Taken by Distant Spacecraft               

NASA Maps Dangerous Asteroids That May Threaten Earth

Largest Structure in Universe Discovered

Meteor Blast Over Russia

Universe Older Than Thought

Hubble’s 23rd Anniversary Horsehead Nebula Release

Read the article at Stellar Eyes here:


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Science enthusiast and visual artist - hobbyist. Begginer in astrophotography and huge fan of nerdy jokes.
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