This Week in Astronomy (Nov 2-8)



• One in Five Suns has Habitable World:

• Amazing Asteroid ‘Sprinkler’ with Six Tails Discovered by Hubble Space Telescope:

• Black Hole Found In Globular Cluster M62:

• From One Collapsing Star, Two Black Holes Form and Fuse:

• X-ray Space Telescope of the Future Could Launch in 2028:

• India Shoots for Mars:

• Supernova Spotted by 10-year-old N.S. Boy:

• Arecibo Observatory 50th Anniversary:

• Recognizing Giant Leaps: Google Lunar XPRIZE Establishes Milestone Prizes (Op-Ed):

• The 200-year-old Mystery of Mercury’s Orbit — Solved!


Full story at Stellar Eyes:


About ~ wolfrayetstar

Science enthusiast and visual artist - hobbyist. Begginer in astrophotography and huge fan of nerdy jokes.
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