NASA’s Surprising Discoveries About Three Near-Earth Asteroids

Lights in the Dark

Every few days or so I like to check the “Close Approaches” page of JPL’s Near-Earth Object Program, just to see what sorts of cosmic objects are whizzing by our planet; how big they are, when they’ll come, and how far they’ll (hopefully!) miss us by. Most of them are relatively small asteroids several dozen meters in width, passing us at a few tens of lunar distances (avg. distance to the Moon is about 370,000 km/235,000 miles or so.) Every now and then, though, something passes us by closely, coming within a handful of lunar distances — or even closer than the Moon itself. These events spark my interest as they remind us that there’s a lot of bits of solar system out there, and sometimes (while we’re busy doing other things) the bigger pieces get unnervingly close.

Yesterday JPL’s NEO specialists Don Yeomans and Paul Chodas posted an article…

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