On July 19, Smile and Wave at Saturn

In my country the starting time is 11:27 pm (July 19) …

Get your official “I Waved at Saturn” certificate here: http://saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/news/waveatsaturn/certificate/thankyou/?hash=685CC8A49400A9314114B5E90B02501B

Lights in the Dark

…because Cassini will be watching — and taking pictures!

In three weeks, on Friday, July 19, the Cassini spacecraft will be taking pictures from orbit around Saturn, capturing the ringed planet in eclipse against the Sun. This will not only provide fantastic views of the planet’s rings and atmosphere, but will also include another treat: our planet Earth, visible as a small blue dot in the distance!

In effect, this will be the very first time in history that the entire world will know it’s being photographed from 900 million miles away. (So be sure to look your best!)

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