Fragments of the Meteorite Found in Chelyabinsk Region

Scientists have discovered in the Lake Chebarkul fragments of the meteorite, which fell down on Friday morning near Chelyabinsk. About seven fragments exploded in the sky, one of them fell into the lake Chebarkul, forming diameter of cca. eight meters.

Credit: Denis Panteleev

An expedition was sent to Chelyabinsk from the  Ural University, the team was instructed by the Committee on Meteorites to find fragments of the meteorite.

Credit: AFP / Alexander Khlopotov

Credit: AFP / Alexander Khlopotov

They collected small pieces of black solid resembling the fragments of rock of the size of 0.5-1 cm. Their extraterrestrial origin was later confirmed by chemical analysis.

Credit: RIA Novosti. Pavel Lisitsyn

Credit: RIA Novosti. Pavel Lisitsyn

It will be catalogued as “Chebarkul meteorite.”



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