Another interesting article about the celestial body in Russia on this LeakSource blog. Some information given in this post might be incorrect (more or less) but overall, it is good reading.



Russian scientists are investigating the meteorite explosion in the Ural’s region, which injured nearly 1200 people on Friday. They explained the nature of the celestial body that the state space agency had failed to track down on time.

­The object was identified as a solitary 10 ton bolide by the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAN). Bolides or bright fireballs are large meteors that explode in the lower atmosphere, and unlike meteorite showers they can be dangerous, scientists explained.

The Chelyabinsk fireball entered the atmosphere moving at a speed of about 20 km/s. The body of several meters in diameter then burst into pieces at the height of 30-50 km above the ground, RAN reported.

Three consecutive explosions shattered the body further. Large fragments moving at high speed caused a powerful flash and a strong blast wave, with most energy released at a height of 5 to 15 km, RAN…

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