A Newly Spotted RR Lyrae Star

Planet Hunters


Although Kepler was designed to find extrasolar planets, the Kepler light curves with their high temporal cadence and measurement precision is a rich data set for studying stellar astrophysics. Although the main goal of  Planet Hunters is to search for new extrasolar planets,  the Talk discussion tool was designed to enable volunteers to be able to identify other types of potentially interesting variable stars and oddball light curves that we weren’t necessarily looking for with the main classification interface.

With so many eyes looking through the  light curves for 160,000 stars on the website, we’re bound to find an interesting star or two, and we have. Planet Hunters has  helped discover a new RR Lyrae variable star. This is the second one spotted by Planet Hunters. Just like the first (which was spotted a year ago), this one was spotted by the keen eyes of our volunteers on Talk…

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