The Zooniverse Project: GALAXY ZOO


Galaxy Zoo, the Zooniverse project asks citizen scientists to help classify galaxies in Hubble Space Telescope images.

Besides desktop/web interface, this app is also available for Android, as well as for iOS: iPhone and iPad. Galaxy Zoo for both platforms is free.

To understand how these galaxies, and our own, formed they need to classify them according to their shapes — human brain is better at this than even the most advanced computer. This app will download galaxy images and ask you questions about them, and then send the results back to  astronomers for analysis.

The photos that produced the images in this app were obtained from telescopes (Hubble). While sometimes small and difficult to discern, these are the best images we have of these incredibly distant galaxies.








Android version:

  • Release date : March 21st, 2011
  • Latest update : July 7th, 2011
  • Current version : 1.33
  • Requirements : Android 1.6 and up

                                               Google Play download:

iPhone version:

  • Updated: June 20, 2010
  • Current version: 1.01
  • Requirements: iOS 3.1.3 or later; iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

iTunes download:

                                                   Read more:

Unfortunately, many users have problems with the Android app. Usually, they can’t login, it always says that username or password are incorrect and “An unknown error occurred when validating your username and password. Please try again in 1-2 minutes.”

I’m also experiencing this issue and it makes me very sad and disappointed. I am completely sure that I use the correct password and username. I’ve even tried to make a new account, but it didn’t help anyway.

Anyone knows how to resolve this?

Galaxy Zoo forum about this technical issues here:
Official web of the project:

Also, what a pity there are not any similar apps from the Zooniverse, because I would really love to use them on my tablet as I use it on my laptop at home.

Dear Zooniverse, please DO something with that!


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